Glimmer Goddess: Organic Caffeine Hair Growth Set

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 If you struggle with thin, brittle or damaged hair, try this all natural Hair Growth Trio! Mild, ph balanced ingredients gentle enough for everyday. The ingredients are formulated to work  in synergy to penetrate deep into the hair follicle for maximum benefits. Infused with Rosemary & Peppermint essential oils for a clean, fresh scent. Cleans, moisturizes and protects your hair. This formula is safe for color treated hair and acts like biotin for hair growth. 

SHAMPOO - Our shampoo can be used every day and is ok to use with color treated hair. Natural shampoo's are different from regular shampoos and wont give you a ton of lather but also you wont get the build up on your hair follicle that you experience with regular shampoo. Our formula is a thinner because I have caster oil and coffee oil in it to help nourish the follicle and give hair volume. For some people who are used to thicker shampoo's it can take a few times to get used to it until you see your hair start to come back looking healthier, shinier etc.

CONDITIONING HAIR MASK - On the days you want to use the conditioning hair mask, you apply to wet hair and massage into scalp. Leave in for at least 15 minutes to allow for deep penetration and full absorption. You can also leave it on your scalp for 30 minutes if your hair is dry or brittle.  For optimal results, use 2+ times weekly. Then use a regular sulfate free shampoo (not the caffeine shampoo) to wash it out. The caffeine shampoo is rich by itself and using it with the conditioner for some hair types it may be too much/oily but may be ok with others. 

HAIR SERUM - When you use the hair growth serum, you apply to slightly damp hair, work a quarter sized amount of product into palms and massage into scalp, working from root to tip of hair using fingertips. Allow time for hair to fully absorb serum (10 – 15 minutes or more if your hair is dry or brittle). Then wash it out as normal with a sulfate free shampoo. You can use it as often as you like - it all depends on your hair type.  You can also leave it on your hair at night time (use a hair cap or towel if you don’t want it to get on your pillow).