Organic Black Seed Oil

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 This 100% Pure Virgin Black seed oil is used to promote healthy beautiful skin, soften wrinkles, nourish hair, stimulate hair growth. It has been used as a health and beauty aid for thousands of years.

For beautiful healthy skin, apply Black Seed Oil to wet skin, cover with a warm moist cloth for about 20 minutes. Wash this off. Repeat a couple times a week to help reduce wrinkles, fine lines, or just to keep your skin youthful. For acne. Half a teaspoon oil in a bowl of hot water, vapor bath with a towel over head. 

For healthy hair, mix a little black seed oil in your shampoo or directly to your hair as a conditioner. For thinning hair and hair loss, apply Black Seed Oil to clean scalp. Repeat this once a week. 

100% Pure Organic Nigella sativa Country of Origin- Egypt Extraction Method- Cold Press Processing Type: Unrefined Texture- Liquid Color- Light amber Scent